Solar Power

Solar Power  Generation

Solar Power Generation
For Residential and Commercial purpose
For “Local production for self-consumption”

What is Solar Power Generation?

What is Solar Power Generation?

Solar Power Generation is one type of renewable energy that takes the power of the sun and converts it into electricity for use.

FIT Scheme or Self-Consumption Solutions

FIT Scheme
(Surplus or the whole electricity produced)

  • Power sales contract(Surplus / Total)
  • (Surplus / Total)

Under the FIT Scheme, the government sets procurement conditions of renewable electricity (period and price) and obligates Electric Power Companies to purchase it from solar power producers under the respective FIT contract. The contract capacity under 10kW can sell their surplus produced energy after consumed, where the contract capacity larger than 10kW can select to sell their surplus or all of energy produced.



Self-Consumption is a philosophy to consume their renewable electricity produced by themselves, rather than selling. The application of this system includes homes, factories and office buildings for post-FIT solutions or electricity cost savings.

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Benefits of Solar Power Generation

  • Environmentally Friendly, Unexhaustive Energy Sources

    Environmentally Friendly, Unexhaustive Energy Sources

    Solar Power Generation is an environmentally friendly energy that is produced from the boundless source of nature with no air pollutants generated during its operation.

  • Energy Costs Saving

    Energy Costs Saving

    Electricity produced can reduce the amount of electricity to be purchased. With solar powered homes the total cost of electricity and heating will be reduced by using the low-cost nighttime power.

  • Short lead-time

    Short lead-time

    Having grown to become the largest market in the renewable energy sector, design, engineering and installation methods for Solar Power Generation systems are well established and can be completed in a short period of time.

Self-Consumption Solar Power Generation

We will propose the optimum self-consumption solar system suitable for the peripheral equipment and its purpose.

What is Self-Consumption Solar Power Generation?

This refers to a mechanism for self-consumption of generated and stored energy at business sites.

This system consumes electricity generated by solar power without selling it to the electric power company(※). By combining solar power, storage batteries and EMS, we will propose a system according to equipment and purpose, such as facility demand, electricity charges or for the post-FIT solutions.

※In the case of residential use, there is a possibility of selling electricity.

Energy Management System

Through the energy management system
We propose a “Pleasant and Comfortable Smart life”

What is the Energy Management System (EMS)?

EMS is a system that help monitor, record and analyze the energy consumption and the consumer behavior.

Self-consumption solar power generation






  • Energy Consumption Visualization

    Energy Consumption

  • Energy Consumption Analysis

    Energy Consumption

  • Energy Consumption Monitoring & Control

    Energy Consumption
    Monitoring & Control

By using an Energy Management System (EMS) to understand and analyze your energy usage, you can reduce the wasted energy. In conjunction with various devices, it also leads to energy and power savings.

Energy Saving Methods by means of an EMS

  • Use a lot during the daytime
  • Discharge from Storage Battery

There are many ways to save energy with an EMS. Among them, “Peak Cut” and “Peak Shift” are the methods most commonly adopted for households and businesses.

“Peak Cut” refers to reducing the amount of power consumption during periods when consumption is high, and storing energy during periods when consumption is low and using it during times when consumption is high is referred to as “Peak Shift”.

■Information regarding the Guidelines on ‘Proper disposal of end-of- life Solar Panel

Consultation About Solar Power Generation

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I want to reduce the factory’s electricity costs


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