Biomass Power Generation

Biomass Power Generation

Biomass Energy
Derived from Organic Waste
CO2 Neutral

What is Biomass Power Generation?

What is Biomass Power Generation


Biomass Energy


Use of energy


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Biomass Power Generation is a Power generation system that uses the heat from
the combustion of organic waste derived from plants and animals as fuel.

Does burning biomass fuel have a negative impact on the environment?

Biomass power generation is “carbon neutral”. Biomass fuel emits carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned, but this CO2 is absorbed by plants for photosynthesis and growth. So, the amount of carbon emitted by plants is considered the same as the amount of carbon absorbed. Thus, it does not increase or decrease the amount of CO2.

Biogas Power Generation

Biogas Power Generation

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  • Stores digestate after digestion.
    Digestate can be returned to
    farmland as liquid fertilizer.
  • Performs anaerobic digestion and
    generates biogas.
  • Stores the generated Biogas.
  • Livestock manure, food waste, and
    discarded crops are used as raw
  • Waste heat generated
    during power generation can be
    used for hot water.
  • Biogas is burned to
    generate electricity.

There are many methods of Biomass power generation. Iwatec’s focus is on “Renewable Biomass” and we are working to extract energy from livestock manure and food waste with biogas power generation.

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Digestate Utilization

The fermentation sludge that remains after Biogas is generated is
called digestate. Iwatec promotes effective ways for its utilization.

・Use as fertilizer

・Separate liquids from solids and use the solids as compost
and for livestock bedding.

・Promotes organic farming.

Benefits of Biomass / Biogas Power Generation

  • Reduce disposal costs by using digestate as fertilizer.

    Reduce disposal costs by using digestate as fertilizer.

    Biogas plant by-products can be reused as liquid fertilizer or compost. Disposal costs are also reduced in the process.

  • Energy saving by using the heat.

    Energy saving by using the heat.

    The exhaust heat generated during the conversion of biomass fuel to power can be used for heating purposes, further increasing the efficiency and saving energy.

  • Keeping the surrounding environment odor free.

    Keeping the surrounding environment odor free.

    Composting releases pungent odors until it is fully composted, but the digester in biogas plant is completely sealed, so odors do not leak out and contribute to improve the local environment.

Consultation About Biomass / Biogas Power Generation

We have problems with processing livestock manure.

I want to reduce the cost of processing biomass waste.

Consultation about geothermal power generation


I want to make effective use of food waste.

I want to work towards an environment-friendly recycling society.

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