Company Profile

Company Profile

Business Philosophy

Based on these five basic principles, IWATEC’s employees contribute to society on the same vector.

Trust Technology environment contribution quality

Message from the President

Renewable energy
is the answer
to passing on energy
to the next

Message from the President

We can hear the cries of this beautiful earth where we live.
There is no end to the news of abnormal weather due to global warming, and sea levels rising due to melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice shelfs.

People are now questioning their overdependence on fossil fuels and uncontrolled overdevelopment due to economic priorities.

We need to leave energy resources for our children, grandchildren and others beyond.

The answer to that is “Renewable Energy”.

It is never too late.
At IWATEC, we are facing the problem head on, and creating the solution.

Will you join hands with “IWATEC” for the next generation?

Koichiro Iwamoto
General Managing Director & CEO

Koichiro Iwamoto


Head Office

No.2 Iwatec Bldg., 7-5 Takara-machi,
Nagasaki 850-0045, Japan
TEL: +81-95-843-6448 / FAX: +81-95-843-6447

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Established April 1989
Capital 20 million yen
Board Members General Managing Director & CEO    Koichiro Iwamoto
Managing Director    Ako Iwamoto
Managing Director    Masanobu Iwamoto
License Special Construction Business licensed by Nagasaki Prefecture (Special-26)
No. 12915

Kurume Sales Office

Heisei Inter Bldg #102
3-2-17 Higashiaikawa, Kurume City, Fukuoka 839-0809, Japan
TEL/FAX: +81-942-27-6437

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India Engineering Centre

CD-135,Salt Lake City Sector I Kolkata-700 064,India

TEL:+91-33-2321-6732 / 6733


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Principal clients and business partners


Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd.
MHPS Control Systems Co, Ltd
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd


ABB (Switzerland)
Siemens (Germany)
Alstom (France)
Beckwith Electric (USA)
Cummins (USA, Singapore)
GUTOR (Switzerland)
TEW (England)
DANIMEX (Denmark)
WILKEN (Kenya)
RAYLEIGH (England)
RTK (England)
CEWE (Sweden)
CROMPTON (England)

Main Banks The Shinwa Bank, Ltd
The Bank of Fukuoka, Ltd.
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation



Established Iwamoto Engineering Office
Organized International Business Department to enhance overseas procurement of electrical equipment


Moved its head office to IWATEC Building


Celebrated the 15th anniversary


Established “India Engineering Centre”, a branch office in Kolkata


Celebrated the 20th anniversary
Entered the solar power generation business.


Attained ISO 9001 certification


Opened Kurume Sales Office
Entered the O&M business


Started commercial operation of IWATEC No.1 and No.2 Solar Power Stations


Started commercial operation of IWATEC No.3, No.4 and No.5 Solar Power Stations.
Entered into the hydrogen & fuel cell oriented business.
Started the Renewable Energy Businesses including geothermal, biomass, and small hydropower generation.


Moved its head office to No.2 Iwatec Building


Celebrated the 30th anniversary
Started commercial operation of IWATEC No.1 Geothermal (Hot Spring) Power Plant

CSR Activities

  • Cleaning the area outside the office

    Cleaning the area outside the office

  • Attend community activities where our Power plants are located.

    Attend community activities where our Power plants are located.

  • Sponsoring Local Events

    Sponsoring Local Events

  • Promote Regional Sports Teams

    Promote Regional Sports Teams

  • Donated company cars to disaster areas stricken by the Kumamoto earthquake

    Donated company cars to disaster areas stricken by the Kumamoto earthquake