International  Business

Electrical Engineering for Power Plants Systems
and Overseas Product Procurement

Electrical, mechanical, controls & automation, and renewable energy engineers are stationed in our head office in Japan and branch office in Kolkata, India. With our high level of technical capabilities, and looking from a global perspective, we handle selecting electrical equipment that meets our customer needs, engineering, price negotiation with manufacturers, and delivery of said equipment to our customers sites.

〈Main Items〉

  • ・UPS
    ・Emergency Diesel Generator
    ・Fuel Cells
    ・Hydrogen Production Equipment
  • ・Control / Distribution Panel
    ・Communication Equipment
    ・Solar Panels
    ・Batteries & Battery Chargers

Steps of Engineering and
Procurement Services

  • STEP 01

    Verification of customer requirement specification

  • STEP 02

    Create the product specification
    Research Manufacturers
    Equipment Selection

  • STEP 03


  • STEP 04


  • STEP 05

    Obtain manufacturer’s drawings and documents
    Schedule Control and Management

  • STEP 06

    Pre-shipment Inspection

    Engineers check the performance and appearance of the finished product.
  • STEP 07

    Equipment Delivery

    After delivery, we can also dispatch technicians specializing in equipment commissioning.

Steps of Engineering and Procurement Services

Translation Service

We provide accurate and high-quality translation through a two-step check process by native English and multilingual engineers. Japanese translation of documents required for various formalities such as a visa application is also available.

Translation Service

Japanese to English

・Technical specifications 
・Design drawings 
・Inquiry / Product specifications 
・Instruction manuals
・Various kinds of manuals

English to Japanese

・Visa application documents
(Curriculum Vitae, Graduation / Student Certificate, Employment Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.)

Steps of Translation Service

  • STEP 01

    Check text / image data

  • STEP 02

    Inform about Estimate and Delivery time frame

  • STEP 03

    Order Placement

  • STEP 04

    Translation Work

    Translation is performed by Native English speakers and multilingual engineers, and proofread by specialists in various field.
  • STEP 05


    Translation document is delivered in almost any format as designated by customer.

Engineering and overseas product procurement

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