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Commence Operation of “Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant” in Nagasaki

June 16th, 2021
IWATEC Corporation

Commence Operation of “Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant” in Nagasaki
Towards creating a Decarbonized Society and Realization of SDGs

IWATEC Corporation (headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan, CEO: Koichiro Iwamoto; hereinafter referred as “IWATEC”) starts operation of “Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant” that produces hydrogen using renewable energy.


■ Efforts to Realize the Supply Chain
IWATEC has been expanding their renewable energy businesses in order to accomplish a sustainable society.
In order to expand the usage of renewable energy and shift towards a more sustainable economy, hydrogen energy will be one of the solutions to be promoted and developed. IWATEC has been working on hydrogen development and supply chain for future energy system that is flexible, better for the global environment and can be locally produced for local consumption.

■ Renewable Energy Utilization and Usage of Hydrogen Gas
In this plant, the electricity generated by solar PV which fluctuates with weather will be stabilized by an energy management system combined with storage batteries, and a system controller which will facilitate hydrogen production based on the available renewable energy.
Iwatec will also study and optimize the supply chain in which hydrogen gas will be filled into cylinders as high pressure gas and sold commercially.

■ Aiming for ‘2E’ of Hydrogen for a Sustainable Energy Future
Iwatec has kicked off a demonstration project for the development and promotion for a scale-able renewable hydrogen economy to achieve ‘2E’ goal, i.e., effectiveness and economic efficiency of hydrogen.
Renewable energy essentially depends on circumstances such as location, environment, and balance of energy demand. This plant will demonstrate ‘2E’ of hydrogen as an energy carrier that revolutionizes ‘storage and transportation’ of energy.
Considering local production and local consumption of hydrogen, IWATEC aims to contribute to the expansion of renewable energy, and also to build a next-generation energy society which will be eco-friendly and sustainable.


【Company Profile】
IWATEC Corporation
No.2 IWATEC Bldg., 7-5 Takara-machi, Nagasaki 850-0045, JAPAN
TEL : +81-95-843-6448
FAX : +81-95-843-6447

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