2020.08.07 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell IW-Hydrogen PJ

Iwatec Hydrogen Production Demonstration Project
Progress Vol.03(Piping and hydrogen gas facility installation)

■Iwatec Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant Progress Vol.03(Piping and hydrogen gas facility installation)

Image1:Facility Layout


Installation of the plumbing and hydrogen gas system has been completed.

Image2:Installation of piping and hydrogen gas facilities completed


Equipment Function
Air Compressor Generates compressed air for pneumatic equipment control.
Air Tank Stores air generated by air compressor.
Electrolyzer Chiller Supplies cooling water for Electrolyzer.
Back side of the Electrolyzer with inlet/outlet connections Electrolyzer feedstock water, as well as coolant and compressed air, are supplied from here. The generated H2 is also fed out of one of these ports to the H2 Buffer Tank.
H2 Buffer Tank Temporarily stores the generated H2 gas before compression.
H2 Compressor Chiller Supplied cooling water for H2 compressor.
N2 Supply Supplies N2 gas for occasional purging of H2 lines
H2 compressor Compresses H2 gas generated at the Electrolyzer into high pressure gas.
2 Filling Line/Filling Equipment Fills H2 cylinders at a set pressure for storage/transportation.


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