Business Prospectus

Business prospectus


IWATEC’s main business for the past 20 years has been design engineering of thermal power plants.
Our engineering group in Japan is supported by our engineering support center located in India and branch office in the UK.
With the support of these branch offices, IWATEC is able to keep the cost of the system competitive and still provide a high quality product.
Our engineers also act as consultants to be sure that the system is built according to the specifications.

Support Staff Placement

IWATEC has been employing engineers from overseas to help our clients with the many projects over the years.We can guaranty that our engineers are experts in their field because they are thoroughly screened for their level and experience in their area of expertise.
IWATEC handles the entire visa and immigration applications, housing arrangements, and process when they return home.

Technical Translation

Our staff in our engineering support center are fluent in English.
Technical documents that IWATEC produces includes specifications, O&M manuals, cost estimates, design analysis and technical proposals.
Each document is checked by qualified individuals to be sure that the translation matches the technical information.


Through IWATEC’s experience with designing and managing power plant construction, it has gained a large amount of experience in the procurement of overseas products.
If an item you need is not available from one of our preferred vendors, we will locate that item and negotiate a fair price for you.


・Photovoltaic Systems Equipment ・Communication Equipment
・Rotating Machinery ・On site Generation Unit
・Power Equipment ・Power Distribution Unit
・Power Supply Unit ・Control Panel
・Measurement Equipment

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