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President’s Message


President and CEO, Koichiro Iwamoto

Our corporate ethos is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and happiness.

The level of our customer’s satisfaction is a true measure of our achievements in providing the best services possible.

Our company holds a personal touch and we enjoy doing our best to socially contribute to
our customer’s happiness with a 100% effort provided by our wonderful staff.

Company History

1989 Established Iwamoto Engineering
Opened UK Branch Office in London
Opened Hong Kong Branch office
Set up overseas supply net works
1995 Purchased current office building
2003 Celebrated the 15th company anniversary.
2005 Opened Engineering Center in Calcutta, India
2008 Celebrated the 20th company anniversary
Entered into the Renewable Energy Business
2012 Attained ISO 9001 certification
2013 Opened Tokyo Sales Office
Opened Kurume Sales Office
Opened Nagoya Sales Office
2014 Started commercial operation at IWATEC NO.1 and No.2 Solar Power Station.
2015 Started commercial operation at IWATEC NO.3, No.4 and No.5 Solar Power Station.